The product is used in the construction and civil works. This range of high density paver blocks are widely used in swimming pools, petrol pumps, parking areas, courtyards, container yards, road side foot-path. Due to this heavy duty, the blocks have to be built according to the nature of use. Heavy Duty Paver Block Machine are developed to bring about looking into this requirement. This machine on an average can produce 1400 to 1500 nos per day of 8 hrs. The latest model machine are highly specialized with Total Motor 7.5 HP, 3 Phase 1440 RPM Pressing Load 40 to 50 Ton Cylinder Bore Size 125 mm Hydraulic Oil 120 Ltr. Same size mould or any different two types mould can be used simultaneously. Any type mould as per customer's specification can be manufactured.
The machines are also able to function in an easy method removing the unwanted particles such as wooden pallets, sheets and large working concrete area.There are many prominent Heavy Duty Hydraulic Block Machine Manufacturers in India who take into account the high end usage of the product and manufacture with great precision. They are manufactured using high quality raw material that makes the product more reliable. The overwhelming response in the construction industry has triggered Heavy Duty Hydraulic Block Making Machine Suppliers, in Coimbatore, India to strive ahead in giving the best.

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