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Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine Manfacturers

Bricks have been an integral part of the construction process. They are highly reliable and strong. Due to the unavailability of conventional bricks, Fly ash bricks are gaining popularity. Fly ash bricks are the right substitute for conventional bricks. The construction industry is gaining great momentum and so there is an increased demand for bricks. Here is where fly ash bricks come to the scene.

The process of making bricks

A Fly Ash brick machine is the source for these bricks. The process consists of mixing and grinding the material in the pan mixer. With the batching equipments, the material can be mixed in the required proposition by weight, to have uniform quality. The mixed and ground materials are conveyed on the belt conveyor to the brick making machine from where the hydraulically compressed bricks are continuously produced and taken to the curing site on pallets by the pallet truck/ conveyors, where, bricks are cured by water spray or steam cured for early strength.

A fully automatic fly ash brick making machine has 150 ton pressing capacity. This machine eliminates the need of wooden pallets. The bricks can be removed at the same time of manufacturing. Controlled by PLC for effective and ease of control, this is an energy efficient machine.

automatic fly ash machines.jpgsemi automatic fly ash machines.jpg



Total Power Required

27 HP

Man Power


Brick Size


Production Capacity

14,000- 16,000 Bricks / Shift


250 kg, 500kg

Power Requirement

10 Hp, 15 Hpc

The market

There are some leading Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Suppliers, Coimbatore, India. They keep the market growing with the new supplies of the product. Apart from them, the Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturers in India are also keeping the stone rolling in the industry. They are highly competent enough to make products that befit any challenging works.

Everon Quality Policy:

While Coimbatore has numerous fly ash brick making machine manufacturing companies, Everon has inhouse research and analysis department that continously works to improve the quality of the machines we produce. We also innovate new technologies to keep the cost very low and quality very high.


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